2015 Term 4 Week 1 – Expositions

This term we have begun to look at Expositions – persuasive texts. We have begun to deconstruct them, to work out each part of the structure and why it is important. We have discussed how an exposition can be either ‘for’ or ‘against’, depending on personal beliefs and opinions. Today we wrote our own exposition as a class. Here it is:

Why Rubbish Should Be Put In the Bin.

The students in 1/2H believe that all rubbish should be put in the bin.

Firstly, if rubbish is left on the ground, our school would be dirty and disgusting. It would look like a dump.

Secondly, if the school looks like a dump, parents won’t want their children to come here.

Finally, if we don’t recycle our rubbish, we won’t be able to make new things.

All rubbish should go in the bin because it’s better for our environment and community.


The students are beginning to back up their arguments with reasons, instead of ‘just because’. We will be building on this, asking them to think through their reasoning to provide evidence. Over the next 2 weeks, the students will be planning, drafting and writing their own expositions.

To practise this at home, ask your child to justify their reasoning for something they ask for. For example, if they say ‘We should have ice-cream tonight’, ask them to convince you with 3 good, strong arguments about why they should get ice-cream (and remember, you can always say no – especially if their arguments aren’t good enough; ‘because I like it’ is not a proper answer for this exercise!).

I’m looking forward to see what they come up with over the next couple of weeks.

Mrs H.

2015 Term 4 Week 1 – Place Value

This week in Numeracy we are looking at place value, and how to rename numbers. This is so important for the students to understand, as, along with number, it is the basis upon which they build the rest of their numeracy understanding.

RENAMING is the process through which numbers are ‘rearranged’ to say them using different places. For example, if you had the number 2465, you could name it as ‘2 thousand, 4 hundred and sixty-five’. Or, it could be renamed as ’24 hundreds, 6 tens and 5 ones’, or again as ‘2 thousands, 46 tens and 5 ones’. There are a range of different ways this number can be ‘renamed’.

There are a few place value games that the students enjoy playing. One, I simply call ‘The Place Value Game’, is based on the age-old game of Mastermind. I pick a secret number which the students have to work out. I draw a place value grid on the board. The first student guesses any number (I use any numbers from 3 to 5-digits) which is written into the appropriate places in the grid. If a number is in the correct spot, it gets a tick. If there is a correct number but in the wrong spot, it gets a dot. Finally, if the number is incorrect (that number is not included in my number) it gets a cross. The students use these clues to narrow down options and work out the final number.

In these examples, you can see where the students have used (or not used!) the clues provided in the previous answer. The 8 was in the correct position right from the start, so the students knew to leave that one there. The 6 took the longest to get into place – it was noticed in the first answer, but not correctly placed until the final answer. Each successive answer gives the students more clues to work out the final number.

If you’re still confused as to how to play, get your child to show you! They are all very good at playing this game, and most have told me they’d like to play it at home. Give it a go, and let me know how you went in the comments!

Another game the students enjoy is called Beat the Teacher. We have been playing this with 4-digit numbers (up to the thousands). I roll a 10-sided dice. Whatever order the numbers come up in, I have to write down in order from thousands to ones. The students, however, get to choose where they put their numbers, and have been discovering strategies to help themselves (such as looking at each number, and trying to put the higher numbers in the thousands place and lower numbers in the ones place).

Have a go at this one too! The kids love the opportunity to Beat the Teacher – I have no doubt they’ll enjoy Beat the Parent too!

Good luck 🙂

Mrs H.

Term 4!

Welcome back everyone!

What a beautiful day for the first day of term. I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays and is feeling refreshed and ready to learn!

This weather is a hint of weather to come, and a reminder about a couple of things that we need to make sure we do this term: wear a HAT, wear SUNSCREEN and drink plenty of WATER. These will protect us from the sun and the heat. A drink bottle is always a good idea to have in class, to ensure that fluid levels are kept topped up.

There will be more information about what is happening this term coming home in your communication notes and newsletters, so keep an eye out – there are plenty of events coming up!

Mrs H.

End of Term 3

Wow! What a busy term! With so many extra activities this term, it’s a wonder we got anything done! Nevertheless, the students (as always) have done a wonderful job keeping on track with everything and keeping their work up to date. It’s been an exceptionally busy term, with lots of sickness (hopefully the last of it!), but on the bright side – a few lovely days towards the end of term have made everyone’s outlook a little brighter!

Next term will also be a busy one. One particular event that the 1/2s are looking forward to is the Late Night/Sleepover, which will happen in Week 3. The students are already excited about it, planning and speculating what it will be like! We also have our swimming program next term, running from weeks 2-4. There will be updates at the start of term confirming all of these and other details about the various events happening throughout Term 4.

I hope you all enjoy your holidays, take a well-deserved break from school and get some relax time in! There are 3 rules for holidays:

1. Eat lots.

2. Sleep lots.

3. Play lots.

Make sure all of those things happen and you will be bright and refreshed, ready for an amazing Term 4! I can’t wait to share it with my wonderful students.

Have a great holiday,

Mrs H.

Discoveries Expo!

This afternoon we had our Discoveries Expo. The theme was ‘Where Does It Come From?’. The students were asked to investigate the production process of something that we eat or use, from its original state to the state we use it in. The students could choose their own topic, and there were a variety, ranging from carrots to solar energy. The students have spent most of the term on these projects, and some (very) hard work went into getting them finished on time. The expo went very well; the students love seeing their family and friends taking an interest in the work, as well as the chance to talk about it! Some of those who did food-related topics also brought in samples of those foods for visitors to try. Overall it was a great success, and I am incredibly proud of the effort that each student put in.

Here are some of the projects made by the students:

Well done to all students! They did a fantastic job and learned lots of very interesting facts. Can’t wait to see what they do next term!

Mrs H.

Remembrance Day Activities

Today we had the opportunity to get up close to some artifacts and clothing from the wars through the Shrine of Remembrance Program. The students were able to dress up in the clothing (replicas made in ‘kid’ sizes) and handle some artifacts from wartime. It was only a short presentation, but the students enjoyed it and had some wonderful questions to ask. We also have a few budding performers in the class! Have a look at the photos below.

The visit has inspired some students to ask more questions about the war. We enjoyed the visit and look forward to more Remembrance Day activities later in the year.

Mrs H.


For the last couple of weeks, we have been incubating chickens in the 1/2 classrooms. Unfortunately, the incubator down our end was not set to the correct temperature, which meant the eggs failed to hatch. Down the other end, however, we had 6 chickens hatch successfully!

These photos show one of the chickens who was helped out of his shell. The shell was too hard for it to get out on its own, so we helped him along. We weren’t sure if it would survive or not, but it is now a healthy chicken.

They are quickly growing feathers on their wings and tails, and they are growing so fast that they can almost jump out of their box!

These images show the chickens huddling under the light for warmth, and being held by a teacher. We have 4 yellow and 2 black.

The aim is to build a chicken shed at school for these chickens, and eventually others, to live. We’ll have an update after the holidays to show their progress.

Question: what sort of food scraps could we feed the chickens from our classroom? Leave an answer in the comments!

Mrs H.


Recently in meditation we have been using a music track, rather than a spoken/guided track, to relax. Here is a link to the song we have been listening to (however you will have to navigate the ads!):

The students are enjoying this track as it has a very different feel to the ones we have used previously. Midori do some other lovely relaxing songs, great for meditation, if you’d like to look at those as well.

For those who would still like to have the guided meditation, I’ll put the link here again:



Mrs H.

The day we made… potato… somethings.

Today we made potato… somethings. They looked like hash browns and tasted pretty good! We used the potatoes that we were given by the potato farmer. Here is a procedure on what we did.

Potato… Somethings.


1 egg

6 potatoes (ish)





Food processor

4 bowls






1. Peel the potatoes. Put the scraps in the bin.

2. Wash the potatoes.

3. Chop the potatoes so that they fit in the food processor.

4. Grate the potatoes in the food processor.

5. Squeeze the juice out of the grated potatoes.

6. Mix in the whisked egg and the salt.

7. Pour oil into pan and heat.

8. Place about 8 small, flat handfuls of mixture into the pan and fry on both sides until cooked.

9. Place on a tray to cool down.

10. Eat and enjoy!

They tasted pretty good!

(written by the students of 1/2H)


Farm and Potato Adventure

On Tuesday the 28th of July, all of the Grade 1/2s went to a Dairy and Potato farm. First, we all got on the bus at 9:00am sharp to travel down to the Dairy farm. It took us almost 1 and a half hours to get there. Then, we got off the bus and ate our snack. There were no bins, so we had to put all of our rubbish into a plastic bag. Next, we went to see the cows get milked in the milking shed by machines. The big machine spun around so all the cows could get in at once. Once the cows were milked, we got to feel the milk. It was really warm! One of the cows did a big sloppy poo as it was walking. Once the cows were out in the paddock again, the farmers let us look in the vat where they put all of the milk. The farmer had to lift us up so we could see! After that, we went into a different shed to say hello to three little calves. They were very cute. One of them liked to lick us! Some of us got to look at the silage, which is part of the cow food. It smelled really bad.

After we had finished with the cows, we walked (some of us ran) down the big hill to see the shed where the potatoes are kept. There was one big crate full of potatoes when we got there. Each crate can carry about 1000kg of potatoes! The farmer told us that there were 800 crates in the shed. If each one holds 1000kg of potatoes… Whoa! That’s a lot of potatoes! The farmer also showed us how the big machine that lifts the potato crates works; he presses a button that hangs from the roof to make it work.

Next, it was back onto the bus to head to Lake Wendouree for lunch! When we got there, we all sat down to eat. The swans thought it was lunch time too – they tried to run at us to get our food! Once we had finished our lunch, we all got to play on the big, wooden playground at Lake Wendouree. It was amazingly fantasmically awesome!

Finally, we all got back on the bus to go back to school. We were all tired when we got home!

(Written by the kids of 1/2H)